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Ideal outcome (for who??) for tomorrow?

November 1, 2010

Republicans win both Houses of Congress with a small majority (1-2 seats in the Senate, ~10 seats in the House)

This means:

  • They are in charge for the next two years.┬áNo more claims that the Democrats are forcing their agenda with their big majorities. No more unconditional blocks on legislation and not offering alternatives. If the Republicans do nothing for the next two years, they have nothing to show the electorate come 2012.
  • There will be bipartisanship. They have to work with a Democratic White House to pass legislation.
  • Obama will finally get to drive an agenda given the adversarial relationship he would have with Congress. No more letting Reid and Pelosi take the lead on important policy challenges and giving the impression that he’s detached from the process.
  • Republican efforts to repeal healthcare/financial regulations will face Obama’s veto threat.