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The attack of the attack ads

October 25, 2010

Anti Baker ad: When Charlie Baker was the CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, he cut x number of jobs, raised premiums y percent, and his salary increased z times.

Did he alone do all that? Didn’t the board of his non-profit approve his choices? Didn’t they reward him for, presumably, increasing the firm’s  endowment? And if these things are true, doesn’t that mean, given a competitive marketplace for insurance, that he is a good executive?

Anti Patrick ad: When Deval Patrick ran for governor, he promised to never raise taxes. Yet, our taxes have gone up x times during his time in office.

First, why do we, as constituents, want  our politicians to make promises to not raise taxes when they for office? Wouldn’t we want our elected officials to have all tools on the table when unforeseeable events (will the geniuses who foresaw the great recession please stand up??) happen? Isn’t it possible that because Patrick raised taxes, the fiscal health of the Commonwealth is better than what it would have been without them?

I hope a majority of the electorate considers questions like these, and possibly find answers to them, before they vote instead of taking the attack ads at face value.